Frank Somerville blogs about Christmas spirit

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KTVU's Frank Somerville blogs about Christmas spirit: 

"The story behind these Christmas lights is touching.

Really touching.

If you look closely you can see that there is no house on this lot.

That’s because the house that was there, burned down in the Valley Fire a couple of months ago.

But even so the owners still put up their Christmas lights just like they always do.

Don and Glenda McConlogue lived here for 23 years.

Both of them are in their 70’s.

They lost everything.

Except their Christmas Spirit!

The fire couldn’t destroy that.

Their niece Kim Sauerzopf told me: "Our uncle had a wonderful Christmas light display every year at his house on Cobb Mountain. People looked forward to seeing it, and he looked forward to his display every year.

This year his display is not what it once was, however, it is there.

He bought a generator and set up lights in what once was his front yard.

Our uncle has refused to let the crew clear their lot until after the first of the year, so that his Christmas lights can stay up.

The foreman of the crew came over to shake his hand and thank him for bringing some cheer to his workers.

We wanted to share this with everyone to remind them of what Christmas is all about.

We are so proud of him and his drive."

---Kim Sauerzoph

Kim says Don and Glenda are currently staying in a rental unit in Lakeport.

And unfortunately they are not planning on rebuilding.

In part because of their age.

So in a sense these lights are kind of like their last hurrah.

But Kim says she thinks this post and all the comments/shares/likes will make a difference:

“We are thrilled to be able to tell him (about this post).

He is extremely private.

But he did tell us that he had to put up the lights and that everyone needed it.

We definitely think he was right!”

So do I.