Frank Somerville takes to the skies

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- FOX 2 News anchor Frank Somerville took to the skies Friday to soar with members of the Breitling flight team as Fleet Week rolls on in San Francisco.

Frank was in a formation for a 30-minute flight that started at Oakland International Airport. He was riding in training jets made in the mid-90s and flying with pilots who were former members of the French military.

After leaving the ground, the team of seven planes flew to Mount Diablo for a series of nauseating maneuvers. The aircraft were flying about 10 feet apart.

"I couldn’t stop staring at the plane right next to us," Frank said. "Because it’s so odd to look out of the canopy and see another jet just a few feet away."

The flight in the skies including a loop in which the aircraft accelerated to about 400 miles per hour and several g-force pulls.

The planes split up but pilot Patrick Marchand engaged in a high-speed roll that left Frank . . .  a little dizzy and nauseous.