Fremont police look for homicide suspect

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In Fremont, police investigators say the victim of an apparent early morning homicide Monday was targeted by the killer. But detectives are still searching for a suspect, in what is that city’s second murder of the year.

Around midday members of the Alameda County coroner’s office removed the body of a 56-year-old man investigators say was shot and killed in his bedroom. The man has been identified as  Dominic Sarkar. Police say Sarkar was an executive chef at a Fremont restaurant.

“It’s scary. Very scary. Nothing’s ever happened here,” said Elise Hoerl, who lives across the street from the crime scene.

Detectives say a neighbor called 911 around 12:30 a.m. saying they heard gunshots inside this home in the 43000 block of Charleston Way, at the intersection of Jersey Road. The gunman apparently targeted his victim, then left as quietly as possible.

“And then saw, they said an unknown race or an unknown age male, come from the general vicinity of this residence, get onto a bicycle and peddle away,” said Lt. Mike Tegner of the Fremont Police Department.

Detectives set-up a perimeter, and searched the home, and Grimmer Neighborhood area, on the ground and using a drone, but the suspect had so far, given them the slip.

“It’s just very concerning, that I grew up in this neighborhood all my life and we’ve never had this much crime,” said neighbor Lisa Cunningham.

A group of neighborhood residents gathered at a corner not far from the crime scene, to discuss how perceptions of increasing crime conflict with what has been listed as a national top 10 safe city.

“People grew up here so when we see something like this happen, we think, okay, is it still safe?” said neighbor Rowena Cowan.

Investigators say this is the city’s second homicide of the year, and took place inside a rental property shared by the victim and another family. No one inside the house saw the suspect, and no one knows why the victim was targeted. Detectives are hopeful surveillance video from a neighboring home will help them solve what happened.