Fremont: Rapidly growing, rich in diversity

Nestled between Oakland and Silicon Valley on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, Fremont is a diverse city where techies and families alike live work and play.

Its earliest history dates back to the 1700's, with the founding of Mission San Jose by the Spanish. It wasn't incorporated until 1956, when the five towns of Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, Irvington and Warm Springs came together.

The city was named after John Charles Fremont, an American explorer and politician who mapped a trail to the area in the 1800's. The area was rich with agriculture and thrived during the California gold rush.

Over the decades, the city has transformed with tech. Fremont was home to the Apple factory where the first Mac computer was manufactured in the 1980's. Now, it's where you can find the Tesla factory, one of the city's top employers, which produces thousands of vehicles every week.

Fremont is known for its moderate climate, making it ideal for being outdoors. The city's busiest attraction is Mission Peak, which offers a picturesque view of the Bay.

The city is currently working to revitalize its downtown area, with plans for a new event center at the current Town Fair Plaza. Construction is set to begin this fall.