Frightened seal escapes pod of hungry orcas

A tiny seal was able to escape a group of hungry orcas.

The video was shot at Vancouver Island, British Columbia on August 22.

Video shows the frightened seal scrambling onto a boat to escape feeding time.

Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions tour guide Nick Templeton posted on Facebook, “You will never believe how my afternoon just went… we had been viewing from 150 meters away for over 40 minutes watching the seal get taken down and spit out and tossed around.”

The terrified seal eventually jumped onto the boat as the orcas continued to circle. “At one point he fell in and it was madness of him jumping out again, and me jumping out of the way as I was trying to film it all."

The seal survived the incident. However, Templeton said another seal didn’t survive the orcas’ attack.

Warning: Graphic language in the video below.