Future guide dogs get training at Oakland Airport

More than two dozen puppies paraded through Terminal 1 at Oakland International Airport this morning. 

The puppies were part of the next generation of guide dogs getting a unique "paws-on" learning experience. 

25 puppy students boarded a plane and sat attentively in their seats. The plane is not going anywhere- instead the students are embarking on a learning experience. 

The Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies are from an organization called Guide Dogs for the Blind and today they are learning how to help their future owners navigate an airport. 

Teresa Stern is visually impaired and says, "They're being socialized to the crowds, to the noise".

Most of the puppies in training are between six months and  a year old. 

Stern says, "It is so helpful to have a guide dog that is trained very well, and knows how to handle the airport. She relies on her god Wills when she travels for work.

This is the third year Alaska Airlines has hosted the training at the Oakland Airport. They hope to coordinate the whole event for next year- for the next generation of guide dogs. 

Audrey Curbo, a customer service agent for Alaska Airlines says, "It's my favorite day of the year. It takes a lot of planning, but it's a labor of love".