Gas leak in Livermore affects rail traffic, no ACE train service

ACE train map

Rail traffic across the Altamont Pass in unincorporated Alameda County was affecte on Thursday after Pacific Gas and Electric contractors spotted what may have been a gas leak in Livermore, according to Union Pacific Railroad and PG&E officials.

The railroad was notified of the leak around 12 a.m., Union Pacific spokesman Tim MaMahan said, who added all train traffic over the pass has stopped and won't be restarted until the repairs are completed.

PG&E spokeswoman Karly Hernandez confirmed that crews are on the scene working on repairing the leak.

"The area has been made safe and out of an abundance of caution, and putting safety first, PG&E has dispatched a gas leak survey crew to the scene to further investigate," she said.

The exact location of the leak wasn't immediately provided.

The Altamont Commuter Express has cancelled all trains Thursday due to the shutdown, according to officials. 

An ACE official said the Union Pacific Railroad contacted the Bay Area commuter railway around 4 a.m. to let them know of a six-mile stretch of tracks that was closed to rail traffic due to the leak.