Gas leak, water main break in San Francisco

San Francisco firefighters raced on Wednesday morning to a gas leak and 16-inch water main break.

The broken gas line posed a threat to residents and businesses near Duboce Avenue and Castro Street for hours, but the Fire Department tweeted that the "earlier utility disruption threat has been stabilized" around 11:30 a.m.

People had been ordered to leave the area, but were allowed to return shortly before noon. 

However, the smell of gas may linger in the area for hours. Sources told KTVU that one woman was sickened from the intense fumes earlier.

The disruption started around 7 a.m. Crews believe that the water main broke first, and caused the gas line to rupture. 

Firefighters asked the public to avoid this area. 

Muni buses had been rerouted to avoid the mess.