Gas prices turning long commutes into financial nightmares

It’s scary, it really is. With my own 60+ mile a day commute for work, and gas getting dramatically more expensive by the hour, I decided to ask on social media how commuters were doing. 

You all answered with plenty of horror stories. Some are coping by doing everything from stockpiling gas canisters at home, which experts do not recommend, to even putting off having children 

One person joked that with gas prices surging as they are, carjackers might start avoiding gas guzzlers. And we loved a tweet from our viewer Steve, who shared a photo of him telecommuting with Elmer the cat.


In all seriousness, for those of us with long commutes, this is hurting a lot.  Drivers in that category tend to live far away from work because they can’t afford to live near their jobs, so they are already strapped for cash.  One young man says he’d love to buy a hybrid, but who can’t afford a Prius, let alone a Tesla on the salary that keeps him working 70 miles from home. 

Many are wondering why California politicians can’t agree, quickly, on how to help.  Doing away with the gas tax, which is over .55 cents a gallon, was a popular suggestion. Repubican lawmkers have asked for it, but it’s doubtful that Democratic run Sacramento would agree, say political analysts.  The Governor says they are looking at ways to  get money back to the public, many say they are tired of waiting and need the help NOW. 

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