George Lucas disapproves of new Star Wars film

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New York City (KTVU) -- It sounds like Bay Area filmmaker, George Lucas, is giving a thumbs down to the new Stars Wars film.

Lucas says he's disappointed by how close The Force Awakens, resembles his original trilogy.

In an interview with broadcaster, Charlie Rose, Lucas says he works hard to make each of his films new and different, and that he regarded each installment of his Star Wars franchise, as his kids.

He sold his production company, including the Star Wars rights to Disney in 2012, for more than $4 billion.

He says the people who took over the franchise wanted to create a retro movie, which he opposed.

Lucas even said, "I sold them to the white slavers that takes these things, and ..."

Lucas then stopped short of completing his thought.

He laughed, and the interview then moved to far less controversial topics.