German shepherd survives 5 weeks on California freeway

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GALT, Calif. (AP) — A dog that fell from a truck onto a California freeway eluded capture for five weeks among the oleander bushes of the median before being rescued.

Authorities are looking for the owner of the German shepherd nicknamed Freeway Frida, who was rescued from Highway 99 in Galt on Saturday.

The initial caller said the pup fell out of a pickup truck That was five weeks ago.

Frida weighed 44 pounds when she was found, well below normal for her breed. 

Adding to Frida's misery, a broken tibia from the fall has rendered her back leg useless.

The brown-eyed girl is now recovering at an animal hospital near Sacramento. Dr. Mike Johnson, medical director at the animal hospital, says it's obvious she is looking for her home.