Giant turtle crosses busy road safely, thanks to Prince William Co. police

How did the turtle cross the road? Well, in the this case, it was in a little red wagon-- thanks to help from some concerned citizens and a Virginia police officer.

The Prince William County Police Department posted video on their Facebook page Friday showing an officer and a few citizens helping a huge snapping turtle across busy Linton Hall Road. It shows an officer with gloves on picking up the turtle-- did we mention it was huge?-- at the edge of the road, and putting it into a red Radio Flyer wagon, which appears to belong to a woman who also came to the turtle's aid.

The giant turtle is understandably heavy, and at first the officer struggled to lift it into the wagon. When he did, the turtle-- living up to its name-- snapped at the officer once before settling in for its ride across the busy road. The officer stopped traffic, while the woman pulled the turtle across to safety in the wagon.

The video had over 35,000 views on Facebook in just a few hours Friday evening.

Way to go, Prince William County police!