Golden State Warriors fans are loving the new Chase Center arena

A history-making day as the Warriors played their first game at the new Chase Center.

Both fans and players got an opportunity to settle into their new home, as the Warriors took on the Los Angeles Lakers.

It wasn't the result that fans wanted, as the Warriors lost 123 to 101, but it's only the pre-season.

What was important is that fans and players got an opportunity to experience a history-making game at Chase Center.

And for some fans, Saturday's game was a huge surprise.

Imagine walking into the game -- the first-ever Warrior game at Chase Center -- and having absolutely no idea beforehand what you were going to experience.

"I was assuming they were going to play where the Giants play, but you know we were like totally lost until we got here, but it's really, really amazing," said Rafael Sanchez of Hayward. He insisted he had no idea the Warriors had a new home.

Upon seeing the brilliant colors of blue and gold, hearing pounding sound from all around, it was all a bit overwhelming for young Delilah.

"I have never been to one of these before. I did not know it was going to be this cool," said Delilah Sanchez.

Not all 18,064 seats in the stadium were filled, but the atmosphere was full of enthusiasm.

"Everything is just over the top. It's beautiful. It's pristine," said Erin Silva.

"The design is amazing! So I think it'll keep that intimacy where we can really show our strength in numbers and be loud and cheer them on," said Siri Dargeou.

And a new Warriors star emerged, but not on the court.

The 9,699 square-foot jumbo tron -- the largest in any sports arena -- dazzled from all angles.

"It's amazing because the players can actually look at the scoreboard inside a different view from what we're seeing as fans. It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it," said Mario Salinas.

The only criticism of the night is getting here from the North Bay. "There's really no good transit access in the Marin County area. Pretty much you have to drive if you're coming from there," said Andy Odell.

The Warriors may have walked away in defeat, but fans say the team's new home is an absolute winner.

"Everything was very nice. Whoever did it or whoever planned it. They did a good job," said Paul Pierce.

"It's incredible. We can't wait for the regular season," said Sean Silva.