Google agrees to pay $335 million in Italy tax dispute

File photo - A woman in her 20s who worked for Google was hit and killed by a company bus at the company's Mountain View campus on Monday.

MILAN (AP) -- Italian tax officials say Google has agreed to pay 306 million euros ($335 million) to settle an ongoing tax dispute.

Google has been under investigation by Milan prosecutors for the tax years 2009-2013, one of several European probes looking into the tax practices of international companies.               

Tax officials said the settlement announced Thursday also launches a process to determine the tech company's proper taxation level in Italy going forward.  The agreement covers the period under investigation, as well as 2014-2015 and 2002-2006.

Google acknowledged the settlement, saying 303 million euros were attributed to Google Italy and the remainder to Google Ireland and was "in addition to the corporate tax already paid in Italy for these years."

Google said it remained committed to Italy.