Google proposes building thousands of new homes near company headquarters

Google is hoping to be part of the solution when it comes to the Bay Area’s housing crisis. The tech giant is proposing to build thousands of new homes on Shoreline Boulevard, north of Highway 101 not far from the company's headquarters in Mountain View. 

Google’s vision is to transform North Bayshore from a suburban office park into at least two new neighborhood dubbed “Shorebird” and “Joaquin.” The company is planning to build 5,700 new homes. The masterplanner for the project SITELAB provided renderings.

Google said housing will be for a mix of all income levels mostly rental units. Twenty percent will be set aside for affordable housing doubling the city's current supply.

Besides housing, the development will include 7.5 miles of hiking and bike trails, 30 acres of public open space and 300,000 square feet of retail.

“I want to see the plans remain to see all the housing,” said Former Mayor Lenny Siegel. 

Siegel wants to ensure Google fulfills its commitment. He said, it's critical to help with the jobs and housing imbalance and the villages could serve as a model for neighboring cities.

“Mountain View is seen all over the world as the centers of technology,” said Siegel. “We've got Google, we've got lots of other companies but our growth and our success, our quality of life depends upon the success our ability to provide housing for the people who live here.”

“The project is going to have big percentage of housing,” said Enrique Arguello of Laborers’ Union Local 270. “We expect our workers can live where they work.”

Arguello said the development could create construction jobs. Many workers who live in Mountain View attended Tuesday’s city council meeting to show their support given the housing crunch.

“Oh it's bad in the entire Bay Area it's bad,” said Arguello. “We have the problem that thousands of people who live in the valley come and work here every day. The freeways are completely packed.”