Gov. Jerry Brown adds 'Bordoodle' puppy as 'Deputy 1st Dog'

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California Governor Jerry Brown has added a four-legged friend to his family. 

Cali Brown was born Jan. 26 to parents - Standard Poodle mother Bailey and Border Collie father Murphy. That makes Cali a 'Bordoodle' and California's Deputy First Dog.

The Governor's Office says Cali was the pick of the litter among a total of 13 puppies. She spent the first several months of her life "learning the ropes" from her family of ranch dogs before moving to the State Capitol. 

She has been having some "on the job" training with "First Dog" Colusa 'Lucy' Brown. Lucy, 3, is a 'Borgie' from a litter of five. 

"As Deputy First Dog, her duties include assisting the First Dog in herding staff at the State Capitol and lending a paw around the family ranch in Colusa County," according to the Governor's Office. 

Governor Brown loves dogs. Before Colusa and Cali, Sutter - a Pembroke Welsh Corgi - held the position of First Dog from 2011 to 2016. Before that, Dharma, a black lab, was top dog. Dharma passed away in 2010.