New controversy as California Gov. Newsom vacations in Montana

A new controversy is arising from Gov. Gavin Newsom's holiday trip with his family. 

Newsom is on vacation in Montana, according to Cal Matters. 

Montana is one of the 22 states California has banned state-funded travel because of anti-LGBTQ policies. The state would likely ban abortions as well. 

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The governor's office announced Friday that Newsom had left California to spend time with family but did not disclose his whereabouts until Tuesday, CalMatters wrote. 

They also note the stark contrast in communication surrounding this trip to Montana and the governor's previous out-of-state family trips in which the office would disclose the location and duration of the trip.  

Newsom's senior advisor for communications, Anthony York, told CalMatters that the state travel ban does not apply to his family trips which were paid using personal funds.