Governor Abbott asks Elon Musk to bring Twitter to Texas

One of the world's richest men has made a deal to purchase one of the world's biggest tech companies as Elon Musk's $44 billion offer to buy Twitter has been accepted by the social media platform. The announcement brings up the question, could Twitter relocate to Texas?

That certainly seems to be what Governor Greg Abbott is hoping. He tweeted at Musk on April 25, saying, "Bring Twitter to join Texas, SpaceX & the Boring company."

It's not too far-fetched that a move to the Lone Star State, specifically Austin, could happen. Tesla already has a presence in the Austin area and Musk is likely to expand SpaceX and his other company Neuralink to Austin as well.

Twitter is currently based in San Francisco. However, some industry experts believe there'd be no reason to move Twitter's physical location because the company is virtual. 

Musk has been promising several changes to Twitter. He's promised a more lenient touch to policing content on the social media platform that for many years has worked to eliminate hate speech and toxic behavior.