Grass fire spreads to 2 homes in Antioch

Two Antioch homes caught fire and were badly damaged Tuesday morning due to the flames from a fire that started in a grassy area.

The fire began near G Street and Meadowbrook Road.

"On scene, we found a palm tree involved and a grass fire about one acre in size," said Steve Hill with Contra Costa Fire.

Hill says bone-dry conditions contributed to the fire spreading out to the two homes; one on G Street and another on Meadowbrook. The grassy area is between the two.

A homeowner says she was asleep when the flames spread and immediately ran out when she noticed the fires.

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"We were just watching," said Aletha Antrim, who lives in the house on G Street. "I saw the tree go up in flames then that caught the roof on fire. It was really scary."

Firefighters say there is extensive damage to both homes, displacing the residents from both properties.

A fire investigator is on the scene to determine a cause.