Great white shark in San Francisco Bay recorded by fisherman

A fisherman got video of a great white shark swimming in the waters of the San Francisco bay.

Cell phone video this week shows the big shark right near the Golden Gate Bridge.

David Lukito told KTVU on Thursday it was a close encounter he will never forget.

"The shark was almost 20 foot in length," he said. "It was the same size as my boat. I'm on a 19-foot vessel and it was sizing the boat up."

One local marine biologist took a close look a video and confirmed it was a great white shark.

"That's definitely a white shark in front of the San Francisco bay, which is more common than people believe," said David McGuire, founder of Shark Stewards. "We know from tagging data and also anecdotal reports that white sharks do come into the bay and quite will often go to the backside as deep as maybe the Richmond bridge.

McGuire said great whites come into the bay usually following prey but it's not an ideal habitat.