Proposal to withhold funding from Monterey Bay Aquarium over lobsters

A congressman and senator from Maine want to withhold federal money from the Monterey Bay Aquarium because the aquarium has recommended that people avoid buying lobster from their state. The aquarium runs "Seafood Watch," a conservation group that advises people on which fish to buy, or avoid, based on sustainability.

Minnesota state senate candidate gives speech while in labor, pausing for contractions

A DFL state senate candidate who went into labor the morning of the party's convention Saturday had to pause her speech as she went into a contraction but ultimately pushed through to finish it. The moment, filmed by people in the crowd, has inspired some observers who see it as an example of the strength women need to overcome the unique challenges they face in their careers, but many also saw it as another example of the unfairness of system and society that does not accommodate them.

Crab fishing closures recommended after whale entanglements

Two humpback whales were tangled in fishing gear off central California in recent days and state wildlife officials are recommending commercial Dungeness crab fishing be suspended to reduce the risk of more entanglements as the whales migrate north.

Dead whale gets lodged between pilings at Port of Oakland

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says this makes the whale in Oakland the 10th whale in the last six weeks to show up dead; five of which were found in the Bay, the other five along the California Coast.