Group that feeds homeless had trailer stolen in Oakland

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A group that feeds the homeless is desperately searching for their trailer, which acts as a kitchen on wheels, that was reportedly stolen Friday Morning in Oakland. 

"Hip Hop Hunger" says their 24-foot trailer is worth about 100-thousand dollars. They use it to cook and serve food to hundreds of homeless people.

"The people of this community are going to be hurt the most because all the things we had planned for the holiday season will now have to be cancelled,” said Tanisha Roberson of Hip Hop Hunger.

“There's no way for us to prepare the food, there's nothing."

Members of the group say the trailer was stolen from a locked parking lot at "Love Center Ministries" on international boulevard. The trailer cannot be driven on its own and has to be hooked up to a truck in order to move it. 

The group says they contacted the police as soon as they discovered the theft, but so far they have not heard back.