Guide dogs teams celebrate graduation in San Rafael

Saturday was a day of celebration for a group of newly graduated Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The 1,007th class of guide dog teams took the stage in San Rafael to receive their certifications. The half-dozen guide dogs-- each assigned to a human companion-- were also accompanied by the volunteers who helped train and raise them.

Those who received their guide dog matches shared their excitement for the chapter ahead and their deep gratitude for the organization.

"Thank you for making it possible for me to go home with the softest, sweetest, most lovable dog I've ever known…thank you from the bottom of my heart-- I see through my dogs and that is everything," said Morgan Watkins.

The latest graduates are now part of the more than 16,000 dogs that have completed training and certification with Guide Dogs for the Blind since the organization began in 1942.

Graduations will continue every other Saturday until Aug. 17.