Gun battle in downtown Oakland critically injures 1 man

In the early hours of Friday morning, one person was sent to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after a group opened fire on men attempting to break into a business in Oakland.

Local business owners in the area expressed growing concern over the escalating violence.

Evidence markers, indicating where dozens of rounds were fired, greeted shop owners on Friday morning along Webster Street in downtown Oakland, following the aftermath of a shooting that occurred shortly before 5:30 a.m.

According to neighbors, at least two men made repeated attempts to break into a smoke shop. During their last attempt, another group arrived, sparking a gun battle with the intruders. The motive behind the confrontation remains unknown.


Oakland restaurants fed up with car break-ins explore private parking and security

Car break-ins and thefts are some of the issues the city of Oakland is facing. A number of restaurants in the area tell KTVU they are fed up with the crime.

Tiphereth Banks, a resident of the area, lamented, "Sad to say, I'm kind of used to that kind of behavior but not used to as high of a rate that it's been."

A source told KTVU, the would-be thief accidentally shot his accomplice, and then placed him in a vehicle and drove a short distance before leaving the shooting victim on 13th and Harrison streets. Police have not confirmed this information, but said they found a gunshot victim, who transported to a local hospital.

Kevin Greene, the owner of The Suit Lounge, shared his thoughts,"You see it on the news, and you hear about it. But when it happens right down the street from you, it hits home."

Greene opened his shop just seven months ago in February, but his store was burglarized less than three weeks later. As a safety precaution, he now conducts business behind a locked front door, acknowledging the increasing concerns, "It's getting to the point where you know it's making me think twice about being here. But at the same time, there's something going on everywhere. You can't run from it."

Authorities said that the gunshot victim is in critical condition.

Investigators are working to unravel the sequence of events, though they have not disclosed any information regarding potential arrests in the case.

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