Gun violence in U.S.: 110 people a day are shot and killed by a gun

After a deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, another shooting happened Sunday in a Southern California  church, leaving at least one person dead. That shooting marks the 18th mass shooting in California this year. 

It keeps happening over and over again. 

People are being gunned down at the grocery store, in church, at the movies. 

A law professor at UC Berkeley says even if laws are changed, it’s going to be difficult to get firearms off the streets. 

On Saturday, a mass shooting in a Buffalo grocery store left 10 people dead and three people wounded. Investigators say the rifle used in the attack was purchased legally but the magazines used for ammunition were not allowed to be sold in New York.  

"The choice that most American legal structures have made, is for general availability and to pay the price, in regard to easier availability, for people we would rather not have guns. Welcome to America," said Frank Zimring, a UC Berkeley law school professor. 

Just a day after the shooting in Buffalo, one person was killed and at least four others where shot while inside a church in Orange County.  

The California chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, released the following statement, saying in part: 

"We should be able to worship wherever and whenever we choose, free from the threat of gun violence. But sadly, today in America, even what should be peaceful sanctuaries of reflection are not safe from the threat of gun violence."   

"It is very difficult to sharply restrict availability to one class of adults in an environment where everybody else can have all the guns they want," Zimring said.   

Moms Demand Action says about 110 people a day are shot and killed by a gun in America and hundreds more are wounded.  

 Zimring also says there are about 300 million firearms circulating in the United States and because of that, gun violence won’t go away anytime soon.