Hazmat threat in Interstate 880 crash in Fremont

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A section of Northbound Interstate 880 in Fremont was closed during the Thursday morning commute, following a crash that involved potentially dangerous chemicals.

The CHP said that a truck, carrying pool cleaning materials, slammed into sand barrels at the Mission Boulevard exit of Interstate 880 at about 1 a.m. Thursday.

The driver, who was not hurt in the crash, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

The truck carried about 25 gallons of pool chemicals.

Two gallons spilled onto the roadway, said CHP.

Authorities believed the chemicals, included chlorine and sulfuric acid.

Officials tried to remove the chemicals, but were concerned that they would mix and create noxious gas.

The CHP waited for a Caltrans crew, dressed in hazmat protection suits, to arrive and clean up the debris.

Authorities had hoped to reopen the road at 7 a.m., but then told KTVU reporter Janine De La Vega, that the exit will remain closed an hour more.

It's a critical traffic area, because commuters in the South Bay use the exit to connect with Interstate 680, if they are heading to the East Bay.

But complicating matters, was a separate accident just before 6 a.m.

It was unclear whether the wet road was a factor in the second crash, or if the road closure confused the driver, and caused the accident.