Advocates push for overhaul of San Francisco's mental health services

Healthcare advocates, caregivers, and politicians gathered Wednesday on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to call for an overhaul of the city's mental health services. 

They want city leaders to back  "Mental Health SF," a ballot measure up that's up against Mayor London Breed's "Urgent Care SF" initiative. 

Registered nurse Jennifer Esteem said, "We're taking over City Hall for everyone in San Francisco, and for everyone who needs mental health care."

Supporters of the plan said it's the only practical way to begin getting treatment for those caught in a cycle between hospital, jail, and the streets while battling mental health and substance abuse issues. 

Supervisor Hillary Ronen said, "Let's design a system that we actually need that will get people off the streets, and into safe homes and into recovery and wellness and reintegration into society." 

Inside City Hall, protesters chanted in the hallways and at one point law enforcement had to intervene, detaining two women.

Ronen said, "We don't know what will happen, we'll see. Talks are going well. But, we are insistent that we need a universal mental health and that's where the divide is." 

Either of the measures can be removed from the ballot before November 27, otherwise, voters will have to decide.