Heartbroken father of slain Oakland teen demands justice

Chris Ellis says he won't rest until the person who shot and killed his son Davon is brought to justice.

"He was my pride and joy. The day he was born, I said 'I got my boy!' And all I ever needed was him. I didn't need nothing but him," said Ellis with tears in his eyes as he held a photo of his only son.

The father told KTVU the pain he feels is unbearable. Ellis says his son had talent, intelligence and most importantly, a father to guide him and teach him.

Still, it wasn't enough.

"They didn't just take my son. They took my future. They took my legacy and everything I was as a father and as a man," said the grieving father.

Ellis says he knows the streets of Oakland aren't safe, but he never thought that a 14-year old such as Davon who was never in trouble would fall victim to gun violence.

"These streets, they got him. I don't know how to deal with that," said Ellis.

His message to parents: be able to say no at times when your children ask to be outside.

"Oakland is a killing field. It's just not safe to be out there," warned Ellis.

On Saturday, shortly before 8 p.m.. Davon was with two friends, walking from the home of his football coach in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood to a nearby store.

Someone came up in a vehicle, got out and shot the 14-year-old.

Ellis says he suspects it's a case of mistaken identity.

"They took it all. I don't know how to rebuild from this, but I'm going to push on for him," said Ellis.

Davon was a two time all-star with the American Youth Football League. He was a freshman at Oakland Tech but had just earned a football scholarship to Moreau High in Hayward and was going to transfer in the fall.

"He was a fun loving child. It's a tragedy," said Ellis.

Davon's stepmother Kisha Ellis says there was no "step" in her relationship with Davon. She helped raised him since he was a baby, a boy who confided in her about girls and other things teens do

"Now that these people did this to my son, I don't get those memories anymore," she said.

Ellis has placed Davon's All Star jersey and medal on his bed.

The distraught father says he plans to come into Davon's bedroom whenever he needs to find peace.

Ellis on Wednesday hopes to see his son's body for the first time since he was killed as he makes arrangements for Davon's funeral.

He also plans to start a foundation in memory of his son to help keep children and teens safe. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of the funeral. Interested parties can go there to make a donation or leave a message of condolence for the family.