Heat wave clashes with coronavirus restrictions on Labor Day

Parts of the Bay Area spent Labor Day enduring another day of triple-digit heat and more records again in some locations.

The temperature in Livermore went above the century mark before noon Monday.

Resident Thomas Esposito went out with his wife and son in the morning.

"We want to get out early and get home before it gets brutal but we've been in the house for 6 months so staying in another day is not going to happen," said Esposito.

Bay Area residents already in the middle of a pandemic dealt with a record-breaking heat wave over the holiday weekend.

In Livermore, cooling centers opened for the third straight day at the Robert Livermore Community Center.

The aquatics center there which would normally offer some relief from the triple-digit heat, but remained closed because of the coronavirus.

The long weekend is normally big business for Demitris Taverna on First Street in downtown Livermore.

But the restaurant owner, Demitris Kaplanis, says business is already down because of the pandemic and down an additional 30% this Labor Day weekend compared to normal because of the extreme heat.

"When you only have outdoor options on a 107 (degree) day, a lot of people are not coming out," said Kaplanis.

The business owner says he has already invested tens of thousands of dollars to improve the outdoor dining area and now is paying more to adapt with the record heat.

"Right now we're putting up tents, we put fans and misters out to cool people down but even in 100 degree weather it doesn't really do a lot," said Kaplanis.

About 30 miles north at the Antioch Water Park, pools sat empty and still, making for an unusual sight for such a hot day.

Park operators posted signs that the facility was closed Labor Day because of the poor air quality and the manager says they called those with reservations to cancel.