Heavy storms hit southern California

A large storm is hitting the Los Angeles area, causing deaths, mudslides, and sinkholes.

The side of a mountain in Forest Falls collapsed into the valley below at San Bernadino National Forest, causing a mudslide.

It is estimated that the part that fell was the size of three football fields. No one was hurt, but people who live nearby said it felt like an earthquake.

In Studio City, one person was taken to the hospital when a sinkhole opened in the middle of the road. Two cars were in the 20-foot deep sinkhole. 

LAPD says that the sinkhole has flowing water inside. Police have blocked the area from traffic in case it increases in size. 

An overnight water north of the San Bernadino mountains turned deadly. Fire crews were called in to help two submerged vehicles that were swept away by a flash flood. 

Rescue teams were able to save the people in one of the cars,  but one person trapped in the other car did not make it out alive.

Police want to remind people to not cross running water, no matter how shallow it may look.

Weather officials say that this storm may be the strongest in the area since 2004.