'Hectic' storm: CHP-San Jose responds to 35 accidents on Thursday by 4 p.m.

Thursday started as a rainy, blustery morning as a second system brought rain to the Bay Area.

It seemed all over the South Bay, you could find standing water on roads and the problems that come with it.

A Nissan SUV overturned around noon on Northbound 680 near Calaveras after the driver encountered a flooded lane.

“He said there was a large puddle. At the same time, he saw the puddle, the car in front of him braked and he couldn't break in time. The water caused him to overturn when he hit the curb," said CHP Officer Andrea Basile. 

Despite the mangled car, the driver was able to walk away.

"The driver was trapped inside but he had his seatbelt on so he had no injuries to him luckily," said Basile.

The CHP-San Jose division responded to 35 accidents from midnight to 4 p.m. on Thursday.
In San Jose, a Department of Transportation crew described this stormy Thursday with one word--hectic.

"We've been dealing with all the issues that are coming about. We had a lot of wind last night so we got a lot of debris," said Abraham Duarte, a DOT worker for the City of San Jose. "Just trying to play catch-up and do what we do best."

Duarte and his colleague started their work day at 7 a.m. and by 1:30pm were responding to their 16th call of the day.

The majority of the calls were for leaves backing up storm drains and causing localized flooding onto roads.

Duarte says this is common with storms early in the rainy season.

As the rain moved through, it left behind some beautiful fall scenery, along with rainbows. The Santa Clara Valley Water District said it wasn't seeing much runoff from the systems, as the ground is not yet saturated.