Help this U.S. airman find the girl he rescued from Hurricane Katrina

The search is on for a 15 or 16-year-old girl. She's not exactly missing. She made an unforgettable impression on an U.S. airman who helped rescue her 10 years ago!

The smiling little girl was just six-years-old when Staff Sgt. Mike Maroney airlifted her from a New Orleans rooftop during Hurricane Katrina.

For Maroney, it was a brief moment of joy during what seemed like a hopeless mission.

Now, years later, he wants to see how she is doing.

And from the big hug and smile on her face in the photo of them together, you can understand why he can't forget her.

So Maroney started the hashtag #FindKatrinaKid in the hopes of using social media to reunite them. Now the hashtag and photo have gone viral.

He is now a master sergeant at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, and is soon to get a medical retirement from the Air Force.

Maroney still has his photo of the girl hanging up in his home.

If you know the girl, send Maroney a tweet: @mikem3672.