Here's how much you need to earn to buy a home in major California cities

The housing crisis is looking particularly dire in California, according to a new report published by real-estate giant Redfin this week. 

Affording a home in the United States is becoming increasingly more difficult, and it's particularly challenging within the Golden State, the Redfin report found.

KTVU scoured income data provided by the United States Census Bureau to learn more. The discrepancy between the annual income that's required to afford a home and the median household income is large. 

In San Francisco, the annual income required to afford a median-priced home in the city is $404,332, but the median household income is $126,187. Though San Francisco households have the highest median income, they are still missing the mark for a home by more than $275,000. 

Other Bay Area cities in a similar boat include San Jose and Oakland. San Jose is nearly as expensive as San Francisco. It takes $402,287 to afford a median-priced San Jose home, but the median income is $125,075. In Oakland, household needs to earn almost $250,000 to afford a media priced home, but the median income is $85,628. 


Actress Julia Roberts' home for sale in San Francisco

Actress Julia Roberts' house in San Francisco may soon have a new owner.

Southern and Central Californians are not necessarily faring any better. 

Los Angeles homebuyers are also facing tough luck. Angelenos need to earn $237,281 each year to afford a median-priced home, but the median household income sits at $69,778. 

Though the annual income required to buy a median-priced home in Bakersfield is much lower than other cities at $100,258, the median household income in the city sits at $69,014. 

You can see the details in the chart below:

Keep in mind, the median household income isn't just tracking one working adult, but rather all income brought into a single home within a year. This means that many of the people who live in these California cities may struggle to afford a home, especially if they live alone. 

Though the numbers seem to have larger discrepancies in California, the average American household cannot afford a home in many U.S. cities. A homebuyer must earn $114,627 each year to be able to afford a median-priced home in the U.S.; that's about $40,000 more than the typical household earns.