'High-risk' sex offender and Vallejo man arrested in Fairfield for attempted kidnapping

Ronald McKinney, "high-risk" sex offender of Vallejo

A man has been arrested for the attempted kidnapping of a female student in Fairfield on Wednesday, police said.

Vallejo resident and known "high-risk" sex offender Ronald McKinney was arrested Thursday near a school. Fairfield police said the 61-year-old tried to kidnap the student in the 2600 block of North Texas St. when she was walking to a church. 

McKinney is accused of telling the girl her parents sent him to pick her up and was insistent. 

According to officials, when the girl said she was calling the police McKinney fled from the scene. 

Officials said the incident did not occur on the school's campus.

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He was discovered when a patrol officer noticed him on campus Thursday and asked the school's resource officer, who confirmed the identity of McKinney.

McKinney was considered a high-risk sex offender on parole and had a warrant out for his arrest due to a parole violation.

He remains in the Solano County Jail.

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