Homeless mom names baby after officer who helped them

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A Vallejo police officer who recently helped a pregnant woman during a difficult time, was stunned to find out how the new mother decided to repay his kindness.

Sharmell Mitchell named her baby after officer Hans Williams.

Little Messiah DeShawn Williams Mitchell is now six months old.

The story began in April at a home on Sonora Pass Road. Mitchell was living there among a group of squatters.

One neighbor says she often found used needles in her yard.

Vallejo Police Department's Community Services Unit came, but instead of taking Mitchell to jail, Officer Williams saw that she was pregnant and took her to a medical clinic. He waited with her for hours.

"He had a connection, like a spark on his face when he looked at the ultrasound," Mitchell said.

Mitchell is now staying with family and says her days living in that house are well in the past.

Officer Williams and his unit say they are looking into getting Mitchell and her baby a permanent place to live.