Homeowners urged to create defensible space around homes for fire season

Firefighters say a fire that burned one home and more than 100 acres in the East San Jose Foothills is 100 percent contained.

Crews say Tuesday's fire is a reminder for people living in such areas the importance of how defensible space can help firefighters save a home.
The fire started around 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon near Claitor Way.

San Jose Firefighters and Cal Fire launched an attack from the air and on the ground but one home burned along with 120 acres.
Dave Immethun wasn't home at the time but his teenage son was and didn't realize how close the fire was until he walked outside.
"He was in the backyard. He could see the neighbor's house which is essentially next door on fire and the hill on fire," said Immethun. "When he walked out to check the house out in the front yard is when he noticed our yard was on fire too."
Firefighters say the yellow hillsides are packed with dry, brittle fuel which is why it's so important to clear 100 feet of defensible space around your home for protection.
Immethun says his son and neighbor brought out garden hoses to fight the fire.

"They stopped it actually from getting up into the trees which would have been a problem because it would have essentially burned the house," said Immethun.
Seeing flames come so close, the father of 2 plans to change his yard.
"The way I look at it is going to be completely different. Rocks!" said Immethun. "Cut the trees back a little more. I thought this was a good defensible area at the bottom of the hill but it's not."
Firefighters Thursday monitored hot spots but in the afternoon declared the fire 100 percent contained.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The San Jose Fire Department says its arson investigators are looking into it.