Hotel De Anza in San Jose temporarily closes to address flooding

A popular hotel in downtown San Jose is temporarily closing its doors for at least two weeks. Hotel De Anza says it has closed due to maintenance issues, just as the summer travel season gets underway.

"So, closing down Hotel De Anza is obviously a necessity to keep visitors safe, but we encourage all visitors to still come out to San Jose," said Francis Wong, Marketing Director of Visit San Jose. 

Hotel De Anza posted a notice on its website notifying customers about unexpected maintenance, causing them to suspend normal operations until June 16th. The hotel management released a statement saying in part: 

"The safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues is always a top priority… We continue to extend care to all colleagues and guests, and the hotel is continuing to waive cancelation fees at this time." – Claudia Dowdy, Hotel De Anza General Manager. 

Just outside Hotel De Anza, an internship group told us they had plans to stay there this week, but were told by the hotel they’d have to stay someplace else.

"I’m going to work in San Francisco, so I’m staying in San Jose for on-boarding just this week. We were supposed to stay here in Hotel De Anza. Looks beautiful but unfortunately, there was a bit of a flooding issue. Last minute, very unfortunate. Don’t know much about it, but hopefully, I’m able to stay here another night," said Juan, of Tucson. 

"They usually work with this hotel, but they figured it all out for us. So, I’m assuming the hotel redirected them, told them where to go. They had to house about 19 of us, and they were able to find a place pretty quickly," said Jessica, of Los Angeles. 

With multiple hotels downtown,Visit San Jose, San Jose’s official visitors’ agency, says other hotels are ready to accommodate those with canceled reservations and any other visitors.

"We have other downtown hotel options, including the AC Hotel which is literally across the street. Then in the downtown corridor, there’s the Hilton, Marriot, Signia, Four Point and even the Westin," said Wong. 

Hotel De Anza says guests with questions regarding their upcoming stay can call Hyatt Customer Care at 1-888-524-9288 for assistance.