House sitter robbed at gunpoint in Pleasanton home invasion

A search is underway for the three suspects who broke into a Pleasanton home in the middle of the night while a woman was housing sitting. 

The suspects were all wearing hoodies when they entered the home through a rear sliding glass door Sunday morning around 3:45 a.m. Police said one of them was armed with a gun. 

"I think it's a very scary situation. It's a nice quiet neighborhood. Hardly anyone comes up here," said neighbor Norberto Ruiz. 

The family who lives at the home on Remillard Court in the upscale Kottinger Ranch neighborhood was out of the country when the crime occurred. However, a relative was inside house-sitting. 

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She was awakened by the sound of glass breaking and then confronted at gunpoint by two of the suspects. They took her phone, demanded money and ransacked the house. 

"I think people look at the neighborhood and say, 'oh there must be a lot of stuff here,' when that's not always the case," Ruiz said. 

He wonders if the intruders had been tracking the family's movements. 

"If they're casing the neighborhood you know, and they're considering coming back. I think that everyone is on alert," he said. 

Surveillance video captured the suspects fleeing the scene in an SUV.

The homeowner said the woman who was at the home was not physically harmed.