How much does a royal wedding cost? Here's a breakdown of potential expenses

It’s probably no surprise that the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle will be expensive, but do you know how expensive?

The wedding planning site Bridebook estimates that the latest royal wedding will cost $2.75 million. Yeah, this is no ordinary wedding.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Any wedding needs food and drinks. With 800 guests invited to the ceremony and reception, plus another 600 to a second private reception, Harry and Meghan will serve an estimated $270,000 in drinks and another $400,000 in food. You better believe royals don’t serve the cheap stuff.
  • Think the food is expensive? $400,000 is also how much is expected to be spent on Meghan’s wedding dress alone.
  • Flowers could cost another $155,000, music could cost around $420,000, stationary as much as $28,000, and the cake is estimated to be another $70,000.
  • By the way, none of this includes security. For a guess at how much that will cost, just look at Will and Kate’s wedding, which was reported to have spent $30 million on security alone.

It might pay to be a royal, but it sure costs a lot too.