Humans aren't the only ones to think of on Veteran's Day

Almost as long as mankind has been fighting wars, dogs have been by their side. In honor of Veteran’s Day, here are some of the most famous U.S. war dogs.

Sergeant Stubby was the first dog to be given rank in the U.S. armed forces. The American Pitbull Terrier was found by his owner, Corporal Robert Conroy, on a Yale field in New Haven, CT, and became a hit with the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division. As reported by Business Insider,  Stubby was smuggled aboard a transport bound for France, but the secret was discovered by a commanding officer. The officer let it slide however, when Stubby raised his paw to his head after Conroy said, “Present Arms.” According to, Stubby served in 17 battles in WWI where he warned soldiers of incoming gas attacks and artillery, located downed soldiers, and sniffed out enemy spies. 

Chips was the most decorated war dog of WWII. The Collie–German Shepherd–Siberian Husky mix was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, and Silver Star. Perhaps his most famous exploit is his assault on a machine gun nest where he took 10 enemy soldiers captive. 

Smoky served in a dozen combat missions and over 150 air raids in the Pacific during WWII. She used her keen sense of hearing to warn troops of incoming artillery. The little Yorkshire Terrier put her small stature to good use several times. Including once when she pulled a telegraph wire through a narrow 70-foot pipe -- Saving the time, and possibly the lives, of engineers who would have been exposed to enemy fire. 

Kaiser had 30 combat patrols under his collar, and participated in 12 major operations. The German Shepherd was the first dog to be killed in action in the Vietnam War when he and his handler were ambushed.  

Nemo also served in Vietnam. This German Shepherd is famous for fighting off Viet Cong, despite being wounded, and giving his handler extra time to call in reinforcements. When his handler fell unconscious, Nemo crawled on top of him to protect him from further injury. 

Cairo was a member of the SEAL team that took part in the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound, and was Time magazine’s 2011 Animal of the Year. As reported by The Atlantic, the Belgian Malinois even met president Barack Obama. When Obama heard that Cairo was on the raid he said, “I want to meet that dog." 

Watch the video to see these courageous canines that served their country.