Hundreds gather to oppose Kavanaugh, support Ford in Palo Alto

Hundreds of people gathered in opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh in Christine Blasey Ford’s hometown of Palo Alto Thursday night. Many of them were friends and neighbors of Ford. In the middle of the rally, a small group of Kavanaugh supporters showed up.

The demonstrators took over the intersection of El Camino Real and Embarcadero. They held signs and candles joining a chorus of protestors across the nation.

The Palo Alto community has been especially passionate and protective over the treatment of Ford.

“We are pretty horrified,” said Jamie Goldenson of Palo Alto. “She's a friend and a neighbor. It’s embarrassment to the country.”

Many of them stood in solidarity with Ford.

“All this makes me really angry when people don't believe sex survivors,” said Anu Patnaik of Palo Alto.

“What really drove me to come tonight was his demeanor,” said Margaret Turner of Los Altos.

“It’s really important my rights are not looked down upon especially in a man's world,” said Rebecca Helft of Palo Alto.

“If people like this guy can get on the Supreme Court and affect her life for the next 30 years, it’s important” said John Green of Palo Alto.

Green brought his entire family concerned about his children's future, unhappy with the FBI investigation.

“It was constrained, it was way too limited,” said Green. “If they didn't interview Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh, I’m not sure how they can call it an investigation.”

As the rally was underway, a small group of Kavanaugh supporters showed up and said they believe him.

“I believe he's gotten a really bad deal,” said Jeanne Solnordal who is a Kavanaugh supporter. “This is a shame that the process that has been taken against him.”

They point to previous FBI investigations of Judge Kavanaugh for other judicial appointments. They called him the best man for the job.

“There’s been no corroborating evidence,” said Solnordal. “There's all kinds of things that say there is no evidence ad yet his family has been threatened.”