Hundreds of Camp Fire evacuees now living in Walmart parking lot

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Hundreds of Camp Fire evacuees are now living in a Walmart parking lot in Chico, Calif., about 15 miles from the heart of the wildfire.

Some people have set up tents, others are staying in their cars. 

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Organizers have put together an area with all sorts of resources at the back of the parking lot near Forest Avenue. There's food trucks, water, clothing and toiletries. 

On Thursday,  people were huddled near heaters. Someone even set up a large TV so evacuees can keep up with the news and follow what's happening in the fire zone. 

Among the volunteers are evacuees, since they can't do anything about what happened back home, in Paradise, Calif. where their city was destroyed in last week’s fire, still only 40 percent contained.

The best thing they can do is help people, instead of feeling sorry for themselves.

“We're offering a lot of comfort,” said Mark Setchell.

A lot of people are here because three of the shelters are full.

In addition, there is a norovirus outbreak at the neighborhood church in Chico. The shelter was cleaned with bleach and sick people were moved to a different part of the building.