Hundreds of SF school jobs could be cut to avoid state takeover

San Francisco Unified school leaders will present a plan on how to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from its billion-dollar budget – and if the plan doesn't work out, the district faces a state takeover. 

Supt. Vincent Matthews is expected on Tuesday to spell out how the district hopes to cut $125 million dollars of spending for next year's budget. Hundreds of jobs could be eliminated.

He suggests cutting school site budgets by $50 million, which could result in losing more than 300 jobs.

A total of $40 million dollars in cuts would come to central services, which could lead to a cut in 55 central office jobs.

The district also predicts it will receive an additional $35 million in new state grants.

Cuts could be in the form of fewer counselors, literacy coaches and nurses. 

San Francisco Unified has long struggled with overspending especially after years of enrollment decline. The pandemic only made it worse. 

San Francisco Unified will have until mid-December to have a plan approved by the state.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the district saw a 3,500-student decline in enrollment over the past two years costing them $35 million. 

Budget and enrollment numbers have also sparked a call to recall three school board members.

A special election for that vote will happen in February.