Hundreds of workers prepare for Game 1 of finals at Oracle Arena

Hundreds of workers are at Oracle Arena preparing for Game 1 of the NBA Championship Finals that will be played Thursday night.

Anthony Vail, Director of Operations told KTVU work started even before the tightly-contested Western Conference final game ended Monday night.

"You have that finals buzz. Wherever you look around the building, you see the Finals logo being shown. You have that buzz," said Vail.

Inside Oracle Arena, the seats are empty, but what this place will look like is starting to take shape.

"We're probably going to pretty much go up to game time Thursday; round the clock pretty much," said Vail.

Cameras, lights, banners and other items are being installed.

The NBA finals will bring in 500 to 700 more media outlets than a normal game. That means additional seats have been put into the stands.

"We're prepared for a very large media contingent. We're getting people from all over the world, not just U.S. or the Bay Area," said Vail.

He said there will be a disruption of work Wednesday when the Warriors hold practice at the arena starting at 10 a.m. to be followed by the Cavaliers, which is expected to last until 3:30 p.m. Most work cannot be done during that period.

At Lake Chalet Restaurant, manager De'Marcus Murphy, said work for the VIP party hosted by the Warriors started as soon as the team clinched the Western Conference Finals title Monday night.
"Very excited after a historic win... after the historic season we just had. We're excited to host the official Warriors party tomorrow evening," said Murphy.

Extra food and beverages are being brought in for the private, by invitation only celebration. 600 people are expected.
Last year, the Warriors hosted a similar celebratory party here at Lake Chalet for the team's front office employees, VIP ticket holders, sponsors and other supporters

No coaches or players are expected, but the event still attracts a crowd.
"It's going to be decorative; a lot of blue and yellow, really good appetizers, cocktail event, open bar. The whole nine," said Murphy.

Wednesday's party is a private event and is not open to the public.

Game tickets went on sale Tuesday.  A spokeswoman for the Warriors says they range from $600 dollars to almost $5,000.