Instagram influencer accused of faking kidnapping in Petaluma heads to trial

The trial for the social media influencer accused of faking a kidnapping in Petaluma begins Tuesday morning.

Katie Sorensen is expected to appear before a Sonoma County judge at 10:30 a.m. about her claim of an attempted child abduction in December 2020 on Instagram, the Press Democrat reports.  

The "mom influencer" posted videos saying she was shopping at Michael's when a couple tried to take her kids. Petaluma police however, concluded her claim was a lie.

The couple accused of the abduction said they were victims of racism. 

"Do you really think it's OK to go online and be racist and make stories about a family?" Sadie Martinez, the woman accused in the kidnapping, said at a rally several days after the false report was filed. "It's hard enough to be a Latin family in a white community."

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Prosecutors believe Sorenson was trying to boost her Instagram brand and raise money.

She is charged with three misdemeanor counts of making a false report of a crime. If convicted, she could be sentenced to as much as six months in jail for each count or a maximum of 18 months in jail.