Interim Kensington top cop quits

This is KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee's Rap Sheet blog for Nov. 29, 2016:

INTERIM KENSINGTON TOP COP QUITS: Kevin Kyle has quit as interim chief of the small Kensington police force after only two weeks.

Kyle, a former Santa Clara police chief, had been serving part-time as chief as well as general manager of the Kensington community services district.

In his resignation letter, Kyle wrote that he did some "soul-searching" over the Thanksgiving holiday and concluded that the police chief/general manager position requires a full-time leader "to be done correctly."

He wrote, "Given the number of current issues and complex projects on the horizon, I do not believe the part-time schedule I am constrained by will allow me to achieve the excellence I demand of myself and the district deserves."

It the latest abrupt change for the wealthy East Bay enclave of 5,000.

Kyle had replaced interim chief Kevin Hart, formerly with the Alameda County sheriff's office. Hart took over from Greg Harman, who was fired last year after it was revealed Harman waited eight months before removing from duty a sergeant whose gun was allegedly stolen by a prostitute in a Reno hotel room.

BAIT BOXES FOR PORCH PIRATES: Petaluma and Campbell police are going after porch pirates with the help of bait packages.

That means the next time a package pilferer swipes a box from someone's porch, officers will be honing in on the suspect with the help of GPS.

Petaluma and Campbell police will place "bait packages" with the GPS trackers at homes, vehicles and businesses throughout the two cities.

Once the package is taken, police are alerted. Officers will then be able to track the suspect and make an arrest.

Police say the packages will look no different than any other parcels delivered by shipping companies like UPS.

The program is similar to "bait car" or "bait bike" stings conducted by police.

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