Intruders burglarize San Jose State sorority house while students sleep

A word of caution around San Jose State University, after two burglars broke into a sorority house near campus overnight Monday and stole items from the home while students were sleeping.

Students at San Jose State are used to hearing about thefts in or around campus, but someone breaking into a sorority house while women are sleeping is highly unusual.

"I think that's really scary," said Jessica from Alpha Xi Delta. "I would never ever think that would happen."

Around 3:30 a.m., University Police got a call from a member of the Kappa Delta sorority after she woke up to strangers going through several rooms stealing property. When police got there, the two intruders were gone.

At least six people were home. No one was injured.

Fraternities and sororites on Greek Row are now on heightened alert.

"It could happen to us," said Jessica from Alpha Xi Delta. "We are here by ourselves with only a couple of people so it's scary to think that could have happen to us."

"The people behind this crime have a lot of moxie," said San Jose State University Spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris. "They had a lot of moxie while trying to break in while people were inside the house."

Police said the burglars got in through an unlocked sliding glass door. A laptop was stolen. It's unclear what other items were taken since not all the people who live in the Kappa Delta house are back from winter break. The university is offering counseling to students who need it.

"Anytime any of our students experience a break-in it really is frightening," said Harris. "It's not supposed to happen on a college campus."

The fraternity next door is offering their help checking surveillance cameras for any clues. It's a reminder to students to secure their homes and belongings and that you can never be too careful.

"We are taking all the precautions and being extra safe," said Jessica from Alpha Xi Delta. "Our house mom is back so we have her to help us out."

The Kappa Delta sorority issued a statement thanking police and the Greek community for their support.

As for the suspects, their descriptions are vague other than they were wearing hooded sweatshirts. Anyone with information is urged to call University Police at (408) 924-2222.