Investigation into past reports of sexual abuse at Presentation HS in San Jose

An all-girls Catholic school in San Jose has launched an external investigation into reports of sexual abuse by teachers over the past several decades. 

Last year Presentation High School was hit with dozens of allegations made by former students that school administrators did not act on their complaints of sexual abuse by teachers and staff. 

The victims say they're still hoping for real justice, but they believe the investigation is a good first step toward getting it. 

Survivor Kathryn Leehane said, "It's absolutely a critical step in the right direction.  It's something I and thousands of community members have been asking for, for about two years."

Leehane is one of nearly 40 accusers who have come forward alleging abuse by 15 teachers and coaches over a period of 40 years. 

Attorney Ken Turek is representing another accuser and questions the timing of the investigation since a new law impacting the statute of limitations is on the horizon. 

"There's a part of me that applauds this and thinks it's really good. But there's also a part of me that says there may be an ulterior motive that's not being explained," Turek said. 

New school president Holly Elkins issued the following statement, "This external investigation is the right thing for Presentation to do right now to get an impartial picture of what happened in the past so we can support survivors, protect and keep our students safe and help our community heal."