Killing of 22-year-old at Fremont intersection goes unsolved

Community members held a rally in Fremont on Monday demanding justice for the killing of a 22-year-old at an intersection.

Isaiah Castillo was shot to death at the intersection of Mowry Avenue and Fremont Boulevard two years ago in what his family believes was an attempted carjacking. There have been no arrests in his homicide.

"It's two years later, and I just feel like Isaiah's life meant nothing to everyone else," said his mother, Rachel Barrera.

His family, friends, and community want answers. They said four juveniles on a crime spree were identified as the suspects. While police referred the case to the Alameda County District Attorney, no charges were ever filed.

"And there's no reason or explanation. And as a mother, that's frustrating," said Barrera. "Like I still see the image of my son's body dead in the street."

Loved ones are urging Alameda County to be tougher on crime. They believe at least one of the teens responsible for Castillo's death went on to commit three other killings.


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"The community is saying enough is enough because this victimization of them living in fear and terror, it's not living. That's barely surviving," said Edward Escobar with the Coalition for Community Engagement and Citizens Unite.

They say something needs to change, or more families will suffer because of crimes like this.

"And they're still going to commit them because Isaiah's shooter is still at large," said Barrera.

"People think Fremont's so nice; this could happen to your family," said Lillian Barrera, Isaiah's grandmother.

Castillo's family hasn't given up hope that the people responsible will ultimately be charged. But they say each month it gets a little harder.

"No one should have to bury their child, and then to not receive justice is a slap in my face every day," said Rachel Barrera.

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office has not yet responded to KTVU's request for a status update on the case.