K-9 officer's photo shoot proves his partner is the best

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We all know the bond between K-9 officer's and their hard working partners is unbreakable, but out takes from a photo shoot at Indiana's Department of Natural Resources' Law Enforcement Division proves the bond goes far beyond the badge.

District 2 conservation officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi were having their official department photos taken, and Kenobi apparently wanted everyone to know his human is the best. 

In a post on the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Facebook page, the photos were posted with a caption introducing the pair. 

"Levi is a dynamic law enforcement officer who brings a sense of calm to chaos with his presence," the post read. "Levi and Kenobi make a great team and enforce the law with a vengeance."

The photos, however, do not convey the message of 'vengeance,' but tells the story of a pair who definitely value their partnership.

The post continued, "Both of them are entertaining and loaded with knowledge and experience. If you get a chance, book these two for a Public Appearance at your local event.....they are both AWESOME!"

The post contains four photos, three of which likely are not going to be chosen as the pair's official department photo, although we think they should be considered. The first shows Officer Knach preparing to pose for his photo, while Kenobi decided to place his muzzle just under the officer's chin.

The second photo is where it's clear this photo shoot was falling apart. 

K-9 Kenobi sniffs the side of Officer Knach's face, tipping his hat up to one side. By the third snap of the camera, Kenobi is licking the officer's face, which Knach squints, likely in response to the cheek-full of doggie kisses he's receiving. 

 But in the fourth photo, they nailed it. Kenobi looks directly into the camera, knowing his partner, who's hat is now back in its rightful position, is very proud of him.  

To see more from Indiana DNR Law Enforcement, visit its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/INdnrlawenforcement/.